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SDA Processes

SDA Processes


Book and appraisal

Appraisals and the need for them are currently a hot topic in and around the property world. Home Owener are questioning the importance of them. Agents and Leanders are validating the need for them. But are appraisals a thing of the past or a necessary business process?

Whether you are of the thinking appraisals are a process-driven, a form-filling activity that takes away creativity and adds more administrative pressure to the Property Owner or you think a standardised appraisal system is a key to Property performance – the importance to get it right, whatever approach you take is fundamental to success.

Whether youve have done it before or not getting the building prices right is key to a successful, motivated and objective orientated outcome.

You might have a brilliant idea or strategy, excellent onboarding processes and strong organisational culture, but does every Home Owner understand their role, their objectives and how they align with the overall strategy and what they need to do to support it? That’s why is key to book in an appraisal from one of our Expert Team Members before it’s to late.


Renovate & Repair

SDA Home Renovation services, offer everything from start to finish for making your home easy. We bring the best minds in the home renovations services and help our customers create a modern designer living experience.

Our highly qualified professionals have many years of experience in full house restoration and use the latest technology to meet client standards!

How can we renovate your home?
Home renovations can be a big or small task depending on what you want done. Some clients only want a portion of their home done while others want every room in their home to be renovated. Some homes need a simple refresh of paint, others need new flooring, while some of our clients may want to remove or build a wall. No matter what the task, our professionals will be able to get the job done.

How long will it take to renovate every room in my house?
The truth is one room can take three weeks to get a much needed upgrade, meanwhile, another room can take three months. So to put it shortly, it can take a really long time and you need to have patience. Every homeowner should expect the unexpected! This means being prepared for delays that can be caused by a number of things.

How much will renovate my home cost?
The biggest and probably most important question that we receive from our clients is how much will renovate my home cost? At SDA Home Renovation services we do our best to provide an accurate quotation of what your renovation will cost. Our home re-modelling process does not start with tearing down the old, it starts with creating a home design. This home design includes the interior design and in some cases also the exterior design. It is also best to ask our staff for an itemized price list this way you know exactly what you are paying for and how much you are paying for.


Schdule a marketing Campaign

As a real estate Home Owener, one of your most important roles is that of the marketer its simple can’t go wrong, You’re marketing your property. You’re marketing your community to potential buyers. You’re constantly marketing the Feature and Benfits. Are you new to the property Market ? His what we do.

Frequently updated SEO strategies
Interesting and distinctive property descriptions
Comprehensive neighbourhood information
Mobile-friendly and easy-to-use navigation
IDX-optimized search bar on-site
Effective call-to-action buttons on comprehensive Platform
Eye-catching layout and design
Free real estate resources
Newsletter subscription signup
Professional photos and videos
Also, Connect you with some of the top-producing agents which have websites that take advantage of all these elements to attract visitors and get them to hang around a while. Then they make it easy to contact them by strategically placing contact information, newsletter signup boxes, and links to social media platforms Getting your Home Sold more easily and effecently


Get your house sold

With our support, we ensure a smooth process from buyer to seller will full comprehensive insurance that helps you along the way until both parties are Completely satisfied. Now How it works, SDA will conduct a private meeting with the buyer and only communicate with you when they’re a right fit. Will Service all the solicitor agreements and Agreement form Set between both parties to ensure you get the right price or we won’t sell it.

No Negotiations, No Hidden Fees, No sleazy sales agents asking for more money-Just a Confirmed Price To Highest Bidder.Subject to your approval(vendor)only.