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SDA Automation

SDA Automation

We are specialist installers of home automation systems. We use our years of extensive industry knowledge to deliver cost-effectively, feature-rich solutions from single home cinema rooms to fully automated homes designed around you and your family’s needs. Combining the very best and latest product ranges, HAC delivers results beyond your expectations.

What makes unique us?
Our top-rated and advanced app makes us unique. Our smart home automation systems offer you a range of features and benefits that can make a massive difference in your life. For example, our automated lighting systems can change the way in which you manage the lighting within your house in a range of different ways, while also at the same time costing less to run than your traditional lightbulbs. Our home automation systems can also be used to run smart security systems, home cinema systems, and smart hearting control, all of which can be accessed from a central point. This central point can usually be run by an app on your phone, which will give you full control and access to all of your systems.

Premium Smart Homes
Managing home has never been easier because of the innovation of smart home technology. We make home control easier while improving the facility, security, and efficiency of your living space. We are professionals in home managing and are hugely experienced in the planning and installation of multi-room audio systems, high-quality lighting control, smart home security, smart outdoor living system, etc. All of these services are connected with our high-tech app, secure and fast-flowing home network.

Our application will give you complete control of your home integration from anywhere if you need complete control of your home on your phone. Then, our app and high-tech products will be perfect for your work. Our team monitors all your needs 24/7 and wants to provide a more comfortable service. Our professional officers always are alerted for unexpected movements and protect your home carefully. With our smart security cameras, A.I. technology, high-quality resolution, and the best door/window sensors on every entrance in the industry, your home or building is always protected.

All our products work together seamlessly, providing you with the peace of mind that appears with a secure, comfortable home. Our smart home devices work together as one operation to improve convenience and security. From our high-quality smart blinds, smart door handles, lighting system to indoor and outdoor smart living, you get a complete smart home. You can even combine your system with a Google Home, Nest Thermostat, Amazon Echo, and other goods that work with us to produce and manage your system even more accessible and more comfortably.

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